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Rick Reisman

Gold Seal Instructor, CFI Land and Sea, CFII, MEI, A&P, IA

Started his Private Pilot at 18 at LeTourneau University , graduating with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology and an Aviation Option, Received his commercial/instrument ratings in Denver.

Well seasoned instructor with over 37 years experience, with a clean accident(safety) record.

Most of his flying has been in the Rocky Mountians, where flying dangerous mountainous terrain and valleys is second nature. Knowing how to recognize the hazards of the environment. Flying through the valleys rather than over the terrain with continuous situation awareness and constantly aware of the challenges of density altitude.  Running his own flight school for 20 years before coming to Alaska, where he has flown for the last four years.  Just can’t stay away.

Rick has a great passion for aviation and flying. He has rebuilt over 1000 engine. Completely rebuilt 1939 J-3 Cub (a labor of love).  Nothing like a cup of coffee and donut, to share good flying stories over. Wheels, floats, or skis, he flies them all.

Rick is a seasoned instructor with over 36 years experience with most of his flying experience in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.   Rick has ran his own flight school for over 20 years.  One experience that his students enjoy is landing at the highest paved runway in the United States (Leadville, CO).   Experienced in landing on short strips, high elevation strips, narrow strips, dirt strips, and one strip affectionately called the “USS Paonia”.   He is excited to help you experience the thrill of mountain flying. Safety always being first.

Rick has rebuilt over 1000 engines and completely rebuilt a 1939 J-3 Cub which was a labor of love.

Rick also has a love for Alaska that he has cultivated by flying in different areas of the state during the past four years. Wheels, floats or skis-he flies them all.

He has a great passion for aviation and flying that he loves to share with others.



I would like to recommend Rick Reisman to you.


I have been an FAA pilot examiner in western Colorado since 1985 and have worked with Rick over those years as he sent me applicants for their final flight tests. I have always contended that Rick’s students were some of the best prepared students that I get from the community. Rick takes his responsibility as a teacher and mentor for his students very seriously. He encourages them to excellence by his own example.


I have also had opportunity to fly in Rick’s flight school airplanes over these years. As an A&P mechanic he presents airplanes that are in top-notch mechanical condition. And the also takes extra time and attention to detail with the cosmetics on the airplane.


I have always been impressed with Rick’s professionalism. Rick has many great qualities, with years of operating his own business, that would be an asset to any operation. Rick also has a lot of integrity. He is a person that would be able to follow through with any responsibilities that he was given.


I hope you will seriously consider Rick Reisman among your list of applicants. Please feel free to call me if I can assist you with any other information.


Deanna Strand

General Manager

Gateway Canyons Air Tours, LLC.